BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — More than 250 new Louisiana laws take effect Sunday. Here are some of the highlights and hot topic laws now in effect.

Marijuana Legislation

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Louisiana is ending jail time for possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana

Abortion Legislation

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Louisiana legislature is adding new requirements for doctors administering the abortion pill.

Law Enforcement

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A new law was enacted restricting when police officers can use chokeholds.

Political Fundraising

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Candidates for office are newly able to take unlimited sums from political action committees.

Addition to Louisiana's Official State Song List

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Louisiana’s official state songs list will now include “Southern Nights” by New Orleans native Allen Toussaint.

New Jury Pool

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People convicted of felonies in Louisiana who have been off probation or parole and out of prison for five years will be able to serve on jury duty.

Lawmakers passed the changes in the regular session that ended in June.

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