Why didn't I think of this? No room to build a water park or land just too expensive? Well why not build it on a rig like an oil well and anchor it just offshore. It could be a water theme park rig and educational center (or just an April Fools prank.)

water park
getty images/ Brett Hemmings

So yesterday I found this April fools prank and thought it was really good. I wrote the story and used quotes from the original post which has now been taken down. I received an e-mail from the author who was a really nice guy and was genuinely just having some April fools fun. It seems that his article touched a sore spot and he received a lot of negative e-mail and calls. One would think anyone reading the story would know it was not real. That is the problem with April Fools pranks ... sometimes they are taken seriously. Here is the story from yesterday.

According to 30A.com a new $17.5 million floating theme park and educational center called Plunge Deep Horizon will be anchored in the Gulf of Mexico about 4 miles south of "Seaside", Florida during the busy summer months of June and July. The park will offer a huge Ferris wheel, paddle boats, a lazy river and countless educational opportunities. According to the same site Hugh Morris a spokesperson for BP America said “There’s even a concession stand that precisely replicates the look and feel of Deepwater Horizon’s original crew galley.”

Charter boats will bring visitors to and from the Plunge Deep Horizon. This news just broke today April 1st. The date could be significant. Rumor has it the park will spend the off season anchored in Cameron where maintenance and improvements will be made.

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