The Ice Cream Gods once again heard our cries with Blue Bell announcing they're releasing yet another new flavor of ice cream to Lake Charles stores.

Blue Bell Ice Cream
Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell has been teasing us on social media this whole week about dropping a new flavor in stores.  The day has finally come, and we have all the details.

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My wife, like most Dr. Pepper "addicts", literally can't live one day of their life without those 23 flavors. So, I have no doubt that she'll absolutely love this new Dr. Pepper Float flavor.

I also know she'll be crazy jealous that I got to taste it before her. But, that's how the cookie crumbles...or should I say, that's how the ice cream melts?

What Does The New Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float Flavor Taste Like?

The flavor profile of the ice cream is impeccable. If you've ever put vanilla ice cream in your Dr. Pepper, that's exactly what it tastes like.


I know that sounds funny to say that because it's supposed to taste like a Dr. Pepper Float.  However, I have to be honest, I was expecting maybe a slight chemical taste to it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend getting some before the initial run sells out.

Blue Bell announced that they will be selling the flavor to at least the end of 2024.

Blue Bell Creameries Recalls All Products After Listeria Contamination
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Blue Bell Ice Cream Online Store

Did you know that Blue Bell has an online store? I didn't, but it's full of some really cool collectibles and stuff you can actually use around the house like:

  • Cookbooks
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Aprons
  • Key Chains
  • Magnets
  • Gift Certificates
  • Toys
  • Ice Cream Scoops
  • And Much More!

Retired Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavors That We Want Back

Texas-favorite Blue Bell has several limited and seasonal flavors. It's high time some of them make their way back to store shelves. 

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