From what I've been reading and hearing, Thanksgiving seems to be a source of stress for some people. I can't really identify with that because my Thanksgiving memories, with very few exceptions, have been great. thanksgiving has always been a real special time and I always look forward to the day. I guess it's because I've had so many great Thanksgivings.

Thanksgiving almost always involved a road trip for my family and it was always an exciting time. Getting up before the sun was up wasn't an everyday occurrence in my life like it is now. My sister and I would be roused out of deep slumber to load the car and get on the road. The anticipation of the day was enough to keep the spirits in the car high.

Those childhood memories are wonderful, but the best Thanksgiving I ever had happened after I was grown and had my own family. There was no road trip and no aunts, uncles and cousins involved, but it was a very satisfying day all the way around.

You might recall several years ago, a friend of mine by the name of Pat O'Carroll had a restaurant called "The Big Easy." Pat comes from a very giving family and every Thanksgiving, Pat would cook enough Thanksgiving dinners to feed swarms of people and threw open the doors of his restaurant to anyone who wanted Thanksgiving dinner. All were welcomed and all had a wonderful time.

it was decided that, since I had a radio station van, that I would go out and deliver Thanksgiving dinner to folks who couldn't make it to the restaurant. It was while I as delivering these dinners that I got to experience something that really put Thanksgiving into focus for me.

For starters, I got reminded that not everyone is surrounded by loved ones on Thanksgiving and, not everyone can afford to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I kept those thoughts in my head as I made my deliveries. One of those deliveries was to an area of town that was not quite so nice, but it was there that I experienced something wonderful.

I got lost a couple of times while trying to find one of the houses on my delivery list. There was no GPS in those days, so I drove around in circles until I finally found the small side street I was seeking. As I walked up to the house, Thanksgiving dinner in hand, I heard a voice from inside. it was the voice of an elderly woman and she was praying.What she was praying about will forever be my secret and I hated to interrupt, but I knocked on the door.

The lady came to the door and I could tell that she had been crying. To this day, I don't know why, but when she saw me at the door with the turkey and all the trimmings, she thanked me profusely, took the food and disappeared behind the closed door. As I walked away I heard from inside, "Thank you for answering my prayers."

I realized that I had just been a part of someone having a prayer answered. All I did was drive a van to her house and deliver a meal that one of her neighbors had ordered for her. My part in the entire transaction was minute, and yet, it made me appreciate not just Thanksgiving, but how important we are to each other.

It's a simple lesson, but seeing the results of even a very small act of kindness gave me a different outlook. I don't know the woman's name and I don't remember where she lives. All I know is that on that Thanksgiving day so many years ago, she gave me a very special gift as well. We never know when we may be the answer to someone's prayers, do we?

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you have a very blessed day.

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