Yesterday (2/18/15) the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department responded to a wreck at the intersection of Goos Road and Paul Bellon Road in Moss Bluff,. The accident resulted in a fatality.


A Dodge truck driving west on Goss Road ran the stop sign at the intersection with Paul Bellon Road and struck the second vehicle. The second vehicle was a GMC Sanoma being driven by Claby "Johnny" Hanks. Upon arrival CPSO deputies found Hanks trapped in his vehicle. They extracted Hanks and he was transported to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Both drivers were wearing safety belts. Impairment was not thought to have played a part in this wreck but standard toxicology test were administered. The driver of the Dodge was given a citation for running a stop sign. More charges may be pending.

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