I’ve noticed that for a place that gets an average of 55 inches of rain a year, very few people use umbrellas or rain gear of some sort.

Very expensive vehicles don’t have turn signals.

If green arrows allowed more than 4 cars to turn on each cycle, would fewer people run red lights?

I called the VA last week to get authorization (which means they’d pay) for repair of a brace. They asked “When did you get it?”

When I told him, the reply was, “You need a new brace. That thing you have is old."

So the process of getting a new one was started. You have to have a doctor’s order for that, so I called the clinic in Jennings to make that appointment. Turns out that my doctor has retired, and I can be seen in Lake Charles. Yay! But I need to have lab work. No, I don’t know why, but when I walked into the clinic I thought look at all these old dudes! Then I thought, wait, I’m one of those old dudes, too!
Once I figured out where to sign in (there’s a kiosk where you enter all your info), I took a seat and watched the GRIT network shows that were on TV. Old '60s westerns were playing, and boy, was the acting bad! My name was called, and I was invited to take a seat to have blood drawn. I figured three, maybe four tubes, right? Wrong. I counted seven!

Next week is when I’ll see the doctor who will request the new brace. Then, I’ll just have to talk them into having the brace made here in Lake Charles as opposed to that 100 mile trip to Pineville.

Wish me luck!

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