Isn't it funny how some of the people that can make us laugh the hardest turn out to be the biggest jerks in the world? It's always disappointing when you find out that some actor or actress, while being very good at their craft, are just terrible people. Let's face it; talent isn't just handed out to people who are nice.

Still, when you find out that someone like, Chevy Chase, for example, is pretty much universally despised by most of the people they've worked with. Now, we've all heard of stars who were not particularly friendly with fans, but the people who made this list are even snobby to other stars.

Some of my favorite stars made this list and it makes me respect them much less than I did before. Mike Meyers, Chevy Chase, Mandy Patinkin and many other very talented people who are downright lovable in front of the camera are total jerks when the camera isn't rolling.

Cehck out some of the Jerks and Jerkesses of Hollywood.



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