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Whats Up With The Super Long Receipts [VIDEO]
Remember back when we were all trying to save paper? Did that idea come to and end and I missed it? I've noticed for some time now that even the simplest purchase comes with a receipt as long as your arm.
Take a look at the receipt in the picture...
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids Which Parent They Love Most
Talk about putting a kid on the spot! Jimmy Kimmel sent out his crew to ask young kids which parent they loved the most. It was all inspired by a piece of research that said that most kids give preference to mom.
According to the research, 3 out of 4 kids would rather spend time with mom than with da…
Jimmy Kimmel Takes on Anti-Vaxxers [VIDEO]
We all know that Jenny McCarthy is the last word in medical advice, but Jimmy Kimmel has found a few people who disagree with McCarthy's anti-vaccine rant.Those people are most commonly called 'doctors.'
Now, in case you're not familiar with the term, these people actually went to…

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