For about a decade people have been trying to come up with a use for the old Harrah's parking garage. So far, there has been no progress made in that direction, but yesterday one man found the abandoned property just right for his purposes.

It seems that yesterday afternoon Alfonso J. Ross was picking up litter along I-10 in front of the abandoned property that used to be Harrah's. Ross excused himself to go visit the restroom. When he didn't return, the cops began to look for the man who was serving time for probation violations for misdemeanor illegal carrying of a weapon and misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

The search went on for about an hour when police decided to try the best nearby hiding place which turned out to be the abandoned parking garage. Sure enough, Ross had taken refuge on the 5th floor of the garage.

In short order he was taken into custody and is now charged with simple escape. We're pretty sure he's no longer a trusty either.


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