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Like so many other schools in the area this week, Mamou High School celebrated homecoming this week.

Traditionally, those who are on the court ride in the parade prior to the game on cars that are all shined up. Well, Pheobe Aguillard did something a bit different this year.

Pheobe and her parents asked the Mamou Fire Department if they would allow her to ride on one of their classic firetrucks for the homecoming parade.

But it is why she wanted to ride aborad one specific firetruck that had so many in tears.

You see, on July 24, 2010, Pheobe's dad, Damien Aguillard, passed away in a drowning accident. At the time, Pheobe was only six years old.

She was always by her dad's side, even when he would respond to fires in the Mamou and Vidrine area. Yes, Damien was a member of the Mamou Fire District and he was a very active member of his department.

When Damien passed away, the Mamou Fire Department offered his family to bring him to his final resting place on the back of one of their classic units.

Heather Aguiilard
Heather Aguillard

Do you see where this story is going? Fast forward several years later and the same little girl who lost her father at such a young age makes homecoming cour.t

And like everyone on the court, she too needs a vehicle to escort her for the homecoming parade.

Pheobe Aguillard honored her late father, Damien, this week by riding on the same fire truck that took him to his final resting place.

Her mom tells me that she knows Damien was riding right alongside Pheobe on one of her brightest days.

The Aguillard family wants to thank the Mamou Fire District for full-filling Pheboe's request by allowing her, and members of their family, to ride the classic unit that gave their loved one his last ride.


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