The state of Louisiana has a lot of colleges, at least 150 public and private schools. Varying from tech schools to beauty schools, community colleges to prestigious universities. The map of the state is dotted with schools for higher learning.

But with those schools come costs, and that means student loans in most cases.

Louisiana Radio Networks reports that Baton Rouge and New Orleans are in the top ten most likely cities for people to me more than 90 days late on student loan payments, as more than 20 percent of borrowers have been delinquent.

Student Loan Hero analyst Kali McFadden says that’s largely due to the fact that Louisiana households make 11,000 dollars less per year than the national average. According to the report, Louisiana students graduated with 27,210 dollars of student debt on average, a little less than the national average.

McFadden says for-profit college attendees and two year college alums are more likely than four year college grads to be delinquent, but those who take out loans and drop out before getting their degree are most likely of all, and that’s a significant problem in the Bayou State relative to the rest of the nation.

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