Everyone loves to shop from the comfort of their own home and everyone loves to shop tax-free, but the "tax free" portion of that arrangement on Amazon will be coming to and end for residents of Louisiana on January 1st.

According to WDSU TV in New Orleans, because of some new rules and regulations, folks in Louisiana will have to start paying sales tax on items purchased on Amazon. Just how that will effect sales from this state remains to be seen, but in the past, Amazon really mops up during the holidays and, according to Forbes Magazine, the cyber giant accounts for 30 percent of the cyber weekend purchases this year. No other retailer comes close in that regard.

No doubt the convienience of shopping on Amazon will still be quite popular. Despite the fact that we will bwegin paying taxes on our Amazon purchases, we will still have the convienience of shopping from home, having a huge selection from which to choose and basic prices quite a bit lower than even wholesale, I can't see Amazon having trouble with this small news bit.



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