There are always plenty of dumb news stories at the end of every year, but I think this may very well be a record year. Now, when I say "stupid news" I'm not talking about stories about the Kardashians or anything like that. I mean real stories about real people acting raggedy.

Here are a few highlights from the past year:

1. Politicians in West Virginia's state legislature decided that it would be great to pass a law making raw milk legal to see. The politicians in question then proceeded to drink some raw milk to celebrate their great victory when the bill became law. They were all hospitalized that same day.
2. Back in November of last year, folks in a small California town re-elected a treasurer. The catch to this story is that the candidate died before the election. Voters told the press that even though he was dead he was more qualified than his opponent.

3. Sometimes the incredibly PC can just go off the rails trying to make everything all inclusive. A woman in Arizona wrote an article about how women who don't have babies deserve maternity leave, too.

4. Some folks in Amsterdam called the police because the could see a dead woman in one of the upstairs apartments. Cops responded immediately and got there to find that the dead woman was a blow-up doll.
5. Back in May, a guy in France sued his employer. It wasn't because of workman's comp or any type of labor grievance. According to the plaintiff, his job was so boring that he went thought depression and caused a "descent to hell". No word on what the job was.

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