So the news is that Louisiana is not the fifth fattest state anymore. Before you celebrate you might want to read more.

getty images/ Kevin Frayer

According to the Fattest State list just released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ... Louisiana is now the second fattest state. Hey let's have some gumbo and bread pudding .... we'll be number one in no time! Cheers to Mississippi for keeping the ranking as the Fattest State in the United States ... but we are breathing down their puffy necks.

Seriously thought ... this is resulting in some serious health concerns. Louisiana's diabetes rate is now 10.6 percent and our hypertension rate is 32.5%. While the national diabetes rate is 9.3% ... just 20 years ago Louisiana's rate was 6.2! then we started working towards that number one most fattest state title. I predict a win next year!




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