I remember every time I was bullied like it was yesterday. It happened so often in junior high and elementary school that I was dreading my first year of high school. A lot of Louisiana kids are suffering through the same thing now as a current survey ranks our state as next to last in controlling bullying.

Getty Images/ Spencer Platt

I can remember the taunting, the fights, the anger, the embarrassment, the shame and the feeling that my home was my only sanctuary. I was always small as a kid (I bloomed late) and my dad kept my hair in a military cut when all of the other kids were wearing 70's style long hair. The combination of those two made me a constant target. I would always fight back and lose; then I would get in trouble for fighting. The good news is it made me the one of the 4 adults in 100 who will step in and help someone who is being bullied. That is one of the statistics quoted by KPLC from a new Wallethub  survey on bullying.

The study surveyed 42 states and the District of Columbia and only one state (Arkansas of course) was worse than Louisiana. This has got to change. Please talk to your kids about bullying and step in to stop it. Take it from someone who went through it ... you never forget it.