Can New state laws designed to protect our privacy really have any affect? Can you even think about tanning in your own back yard without being spied on?

Satellites can easily see you on a bright sunny day (the kind of day when you may seek some sun.) There is not much we can do about that. Then there are drones. They could be flying high overhead and filming and you would never know it. Your neighbor could have a drone of some sort with a camera. I myself have a small remote control helicopter (it does not have a camera attached.)

getty images./ Kevin Winter

The Louisiana state legislature is dealing with this matter. According to  the Senate voted to prohibit drones from flying over chemical plants, water treatment systems and items considered "critical infrastructure" in Louisiana, sending the measure to the House for consideration. Another bill awaiting debate in the Senate would ban unmanned aircraft on private property, with some exceptions including for law enforcement.

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