I suppose that all states have their share of weird laws. There are so many laws on the books in various states that just seem to have been made up out of left field. For example: It's against the law to tie your alligator to a fire hydrant in Port Allen, Louisiana. Were there a rash of people tying their alligators to trees in Port Allen? Who knows? The law has been on the books so long that no one remembers just what inspired such a rule. There are plenty more examples from around our state.

I'll give you a great example. In Jefferson Parish, it's unlawful to feed a hog garbage that has not been cooked. Once again, what on earth inspired such a law? Did someone's hog get sick from eating under-cooked pork?  The law was passed in 1961 and reads thus:

All garbage, refuse, offal or other material other than grain foodstuffs to hogs must be cooked on the premises just prior to the feeding of the hogs.

Makes one think of Arnold, the pig on Green Acres:


Next time you visit the Big Easy, , leave your marbles at home. As it turns out, it's illegal to play marbles at Lafayette Square. Now, I don't see any evidence that it's illegal to play marbles anywhere else in New Orleans, but, apparently there must have been some kind of shoot out over a friendly game of marbles.

It shall be unlawful to hold or conduct any baseball game, football game, game of skill or games of any kind or public meeting of any kind in Lafayette Square

In New Orleans, it's illegal to throw Mardi Gras beads from a 3rd floor window. Evidently, they can hurt pretty bad when they nail you from a healthy drop like that. Just having beads thrown from a float can leave a pretty nasty mark if you catch them with your face. Just imagine the sting if those beads were coming from a 3rd floor window.

Finally, I don't know exactly where this law is on the books, but basically, it's illegal for a media personality to throw anything from a vehicle along the parade. There's no explanation behind such a rule, but it specifically says that:

No member in a marching unit nor persons riding a news media vehicle shall toss, hand out, or otherwise distribute doubloons, trinkets, or other throws. In addition to any other penalties specified in this chapter, violation of this subsection shall subject the band or news media vehicle to immediate removal from the parade.

Can't wait to tell the boss I can't ride in any more Mardi Gras parades. What would be the point if I can't throw anything?

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