The Louisiana Ethics Board has filed charges against former Deputy Chief T.J. Bell claiming that Bell got credit for for a course from McNeese when the actual work for the course was allegedly done by another LCPD employee by the name of Jeanine Blaney. The ethics board also says that Blaney drew pay from the force, but not doing what she was paid for. According to records, Blaney received both regular and overtime pay despite the fact that she provided no services.The charges don't end there.

Also charged by the ethics board is retired captain of detectives, Arnold Bellow. Bellow is being charged with approving a bogus work log that he knew was not accurate. It's alleged that Bellow falsified the work schedule of Jeanine Bailey so that she could draw pay despite not actually doing the work.

It's a crazy convoluted story and seems to have a lot of levels to it. The ethics board is going to investigate the charges to determine whether ethics violations took place. Keep in mind that no one has been tried in this case, thus far, and that these people may be completely innocent. We'll keep you posted right here.



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