I have no doubt that there are families in the area who have not recovered from last year's flooding and it looks like their problems may be compounded by the recent rainfall. Even though there is only a 20% chance of rain in the forecast, the Calcasieu River at Oakdale is predicted to rise to 3 feet above the flood stage by this Friday.  Now, that would would put the Calcasieu at about 15feet with even more flooding possible into early next week.

Also, along the Calcasieu, the Oberlin and Kinder areas can look for rising water as well. In that area, the Calcasieu is expected to reach a moderate flood stage by tomorrow. Kinder will see waters continue to rise to almost 6 feet over the flood stage and in Oberlin, the water is expected to as much as 5 feet over the flood stage in that area. The problem doesn't end there because, additional flooding is expected into next week as well.

Some roads in the area will not be passable when the flooding continues. Goos Ferry Road, is expected to be impassable becasue Old Town Bay is expected to be up to 6 1/2 feet above the flood stage by this weekend. Currently, Old Town Bay is at just under 3 feet above it's flood stage.

I guess if there is good news, it's that the Sabine is not expected to have major flooding. The water is expected to go slightly above the flood stage by this weekend, but no major flooding is expected there. Also, there will be minor flooding along the Mermentau as well.






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