Getting in the mindset to lose weight is hard enough, but couple that with years of bad habits and having unhealthy foods still around you equal a disaster waiting to happen.

About 3 months ago I started the Keto diet and was living the low carb life.  I thought I could make that diet a life style.  But I found myself unhappy with my food choices and since I don't cook that often I was eating the same stuff over and over again.

Obviously, pre-packed food isn't the way to go, but it fit my lifestyle.  It was easy at first, but I started to get burn out after the 3rd month.  I have know decided to use portion control and eat less.

I liked the feeling I had on the low carb diet.  I was starting to feel energy and I was feeling better physically.  I stopped having acid re-flux and I found myself never being hungry.  It was awesome until I hit the food wall.

My new motto is everything in moderation and I will still continue to make healthier choices for meals.  However, the key to my success is my gym family.  I've found an amazing gym right here in Lake Charles that not only gives me the space and equipment I need to reach my goals, but they actually care about my well being and my weightloss.  I'm not just a number at PROJECT FIT, I'm a friend to Allie and her crew, and they want the best for me.

I've had to opportunity to be trained by Allie (the owner), Katie, and Justin.  They all have their unique way of training you to reach your goals.  Anything from cardio to weight training, whatever your need is, they can help.  We've done everything from Boot Camp style workouts to boxing.  They make it fun and entertaining!

Look, gyms are gyms. A treadmill is a treadmill no matter where you go. The people and the relationships you make really make the difference.  And at Project Fit on Ryan Street, I can say without a doubt that you will not find better people than the ones that work at Project Fit.

If you're looking for a gym home, I would personally recommend Project Fit.  And right now they're offering a 3 class pass, usually it's a $45 value for only $10 at!

Project Fit is also a 24 hour facility.  So you can work out whenever it's most convenient for you!

Give Allie and her crew a call today at (337) 564-6967 and schedule a tour.  It will change your life!


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