There more trouble for Yossi Galimidi,The owner of the Blaze Smoke Shop on Ryan. Galimidii has been arrested again and charged with unlawful sale, purchase or possession of tobacco products.

According to a post on Galimidi's Facebook page, the arrest came after a bottle that had nicotine in it was found by authorities in his Ryan Street store. Galimidi also said that he once had a tobacco license, but after he no longer had one, he removed all nicotine products from his shop. However, one bottle was forgotten about and accidentally left in the shop.

This is not the first brush with trouble for Galimidi's store. Blaze was raided back in 2014, and Galimid settled that case by pleading to a misdemeanor. Then in October 2015, Galamidi was arrested again and accused of selling tobacco products without a license.