Things were a little different when I was little. We played army and used sticks for guns. We made indoor forts out of chairs and blankets. We had a blast with cardboard boxes. We enjoyed one bite each of the treats my sister made in her Easy Bake Oven. Imagine my surprise when I found the stick, the blanket and the Easy Bake Oven in the Toy Hall of Fame.  What will be added to the hall this year?

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According to Dial Global the Toy Hall of Fame in New York state announced its latest additions are dominoes and “Star Wars” action figures. The Rochester museum said a national selection committee picked the inductees from a shortlist that included classic toys such as the Magic 8 Ball, Simon, Twister, Lite-Brite, the Fisher-Price corn popper and the tea set. The “Star Wars” action figures, released in 1978, led to an increase in toys made to tie in with popular movies and TV shows. Dominoes, which were also finalists in 2010, were invented in China and later made their way to Europe. Officials at the Toy Hall of Fame say anyone can nominate a toy and thousands of suggestions come in every year. To date, 51 toys have made the cut. They range from classics, like Play-Doh and Slinky, to the less obvious, like the stick and cardboard box. Find out more at


Toy Inducted Toy Inducted Toy Inducted
Alphabet Blocks 2003 Etch A Sketch 1998 Nintendo Game Boy 2009
Atari 2600 System 2007 Frisbee 1998 Play-Doh 1998
Baby Doll 2008 G.I. Joe 2004 Playing Cards 2010
Ball 2009 The Game of Life 2010 Radio Flyer Wagon 1999
Barbie 1998 Hot Wheels 2011 Raggedy Ann & Andy 2002
Bicycle 2000 Hula Hoop 1999 Rocking Horse 2004
Big Wheel 2009 Jack-in-the-Box 2005 Roller Skates 1999
Blanket 2011 Jacks 2000 Scrabble 2004
Candy Land 2005 Jigsaw Puzzle 2002 Silly Putty 2001
Cardboard Box 2005 Jump Rope 2000 Skateboard 2008
Checkers 2003 Kite 2007 Slinky 2000
Crayola Crayons 1998 LEGO 1998 Star Wars Action Figures 2012
Dollhouse 2011 Lincoln Logs 1999 Stick 2008
Dominoes 2012 Lionel Trains 2006 Teddy Bear 1998
Duncan Yo-Yo 1999 Marbles 1998 Tinkertoy 1998
Easy-Bake Oven 2006 Monopoly 1998 Tonka Trucks 2001
Erector Set 1998 Mr. Potato Head 2000 View-Master 1999