Where the heck have I been? I came across this story today as I was scouring the internet and, I have to admit, I had no idea that Saharan dust was such a big problem in this part of the world. Apparently, we have had this occurrence in the past and, as the doctor says, "Well, you've got it again."

According to the story, satellite imagery shows quite a concentration and "particulate matter" covering quite a bit of the western and northwestern Gulf. That, of course, will include all of Southwest Louisiana. In other words, skies are going to be pretty hazy, but there is an upside to all those particles in the air. We're going to have some nice sunrises and sunsets for the next few days. Of course, there's also a bit of a downside to all that stuff in the air.

If you suffer from allergies or if you have asthma, you may experience a bit of difficulty over the next few days, but the particles are so fine and dispersed, that they won't really have any effect on people with healthy lungs.

How I've managed to miss this bit of weather over the years is beyond me, but apparently, this dust travels all the way from the coast of Africa and, of all things, the story says that it suppresses tropical development in the Atlantic. That would explain why the tropics have been so quiet so far.

The Sarahan dust will dissipate by this weekend and it looks like it could be a rainy one.





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