The folks at the Lake Charles Police Department have got to be happy today. After years of combing through evidence trying to find the man that committed an armed rape back in 1997. A lot of technology has appeared on the scene since 1997 and, once again, a DNA test named the alleged suspect.

I've worked a bit with the detectives at LCPD and, and let me tell you, they care very deeply about all there cases, but nabbing a bad guy who seems to have gotten away with a crime gives them an especially good feeling. I've talked to detectives that literally anguish over these cases.

This case goes back to Jan. 10, 1997. It was in the very early hours when a man, armed with a knife, entered the residence of the victim through a window. The suspect then bound the victim and sexually assaulted her at knife-point.The victim made an attempt to escape and the suspect assaulted her once again.

When the suspect left the premises, the victim ran to her parents house to report the crime. Police gathered evidence at the scene of the crime and from the victim at that time, but DNA testing was not nearly as common in those days.

The case was reopened in May and this past July, detectives got the information they sought when the DNA test matched the make-up of one Lorenoza Danela Carlos. An affidavit for arrest was presented to a 14th Judicial District Court judge on Nov. 14 and a bond of $800,000 was set. It wasn't too difficult to find Carlos. He is already serving a 20 year sentence for first-degree robbery in the Avoyelles Parish Correctional Center. Sounds like a real model citizen.

Congratulations to the men and women behind this cold case! Great job. We hope this brings some closure to the man's victim.


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