On November 5th, 2005, LCPD responded to a call regarding the body of a woman floating in Lake Charles Lake. The woman was later identified as Brandy Dyson, an evacuee from Hurricane Rita. Dyson had been staying at the Lake Charles Civic Center, but was asked to leave because, according to security at the civic center, she was failing to abide by Red Cross rules, and was exhibiting disruptive behavior.

Later, Dyson was seen outside the civic center with an unidentified male. The man was roughly 6' tall, with shoulder-length hair. Witnesses say that she and the unidentified man were later seen at Crystal's nightclub in downtown Lake Charles between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m.. That was the last time Brandy was seen, and it was only a matter of hours later that her body was found in the lake, partially clothed.

The Lake Charles Police Department wants very much to close this case and bring Brandy's killer to justice. If you have a lead or a tip in this case, please call the Lake Charles Police Department. You never know when even a small piece of evidence, something that might seem insignificant, can lead to a break in the case.

I spoke at length about this case with lead detective, Colby Thompson. Thompson informed me that the police do have some good evidence, and that the right tip could lead to the arrest of a suspect. Thompson wouldn't divulge what type of evidence they have, as giving out that information could hamper the investigation.

Maranda Dyson Collection
Maranda Dyson Collection

One thing that really struck me while I was talking to Detective Thompson was just how much these people truly care about the victims and their families. I got the feeling that it's personal for the men and women who work at trying to track down people who would do us harm. Their dedication is truly impressive.

If you saw Brandy and the suspect anytime on November 5th, 2005 - even if what you know might not seem important, please contact Detective Colby Thompson at 337-491-1456.

This guy needs to pay for his crime.

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