Even products that seem beneficial can hurt your kids. Take hand sanitizer for example. While it can keep bacteria and germs off their hands, it can also cause a lot of problems if it is ingested and, let’s face it, little kids spend a lot of time with their hands in their mouths.

Now, kids who lick their hands or just put their hands in their mouths after using hand sanitizer isn’t likely to harm them. The trouble comes for the innate curiosity of kids and thinking that something that smells good probably tastes good, too.

To put things in perspective, most hand sanitizers are 60% alcohol and a one ounce bottle of the handy germ killer translates into a shot and a half of vodka.

It’s fine to use the product on kids, just inform your child that they are never to use the product without adult supervision. When you do use hand sanitizer on kids, use the smallest amount possible to get the job done.  Also, keep hand sanitizer well out of reach of kids. If your child ever exhibits symptoms of intoxication, call Poison Control immediately.

The number for Poison Control is: 1-800-222-1222

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