It was just a normal day on the beach for Robert and Elsie Lane of Iowa, Louisiana, when they noticed something was not quite right in the waves on Rutherford Beach.

During their day of riding ATV's on the beach the Iowa couple came upon a beached dolphin. Robert Lane told KPLC, "We were the only ones around for miles, so it was now or never for this poor dolphin."

Without wasting any time, Elsie jumped into the water to help the 6-foot long dolphin back into the water.

After her heroic efforts, Elsie told the Lake Charles news station, "It was one of the most awesome feelings I have felt in quite a while. To get to see and touch a creature that not many people get to see. I smiled for the rest of the day."

For more details and the interview with Robert and Elsie Lane, visit the KPLC website.

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