I've been wanting to get healthier for a few years now, but I just wasn't ready mentally for what it takes to take the steps necessary to be successful. Last year helped change that for me. I've seen too many people my age and younger pass away, and they were way more healthy than me.

I've always wanted to lose weight and start more healthy habits for my family, but 2020 showed me that tomorrow isn't promised to you. It made me realize I'm destroying my body with bad food choices and lack of exercise. In October of last year, I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and I've had high blood pressure for about nine years. When my doctor told me that he's seen people die from my condition without ever drinking a drop of alcohol (from the liver damage), I knew it was time to start changing my life.

My biggest problem is carbs. I don't eat many sweet things. I'd rather have meat and potatoes with a side of buttered bread. I love potato chips and soda. All of this has to be deleted from my life for me to survive. I talked to a doctor of nutrition about two months ago, and he told me the carbs I'm eating turn into sugar after my body breaks them down, and that sugar sits in my liver overnight doing the most damage.

Here's how I'm taking my health back. I'm going to drastically cut my carb consumption down and use intermittent fasting to help speed my weight loss. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I will only eat once a day (most likely dinner so I can sit down and eat with my family), and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I will only eat two times a day (lunch and dinner). I will keep my carb intake at around 50 grams a day, with carbs being incorporated in my lunch meal and a very low carb dinner. I figure that if I eat my carbs during lunch, I can burn off most of them the rest of the day, and less sugar will be stored in my liver overnight.  Sundays will be a cheat day of sorts.  If I do well during the week I will eat whatever I want for lunch and have a low carb dinner.

2021 will be a defining year for me. Keep listening to Mikey O in the Morning for updates on how I'm doing and interviews I will have with health professionals concerning losing weight the right way.

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