Someone polish up the trophy for "Husband of the Year."

Drew Gottfried describes himself as "accidentally TikTok Viral" on the popular social media platform. When he posted the surprise he got for his wife, Kayla, on their 14th anniversary, he had no clue that millions of views later their story would be worldwide.

Before we get to the story about the surprise, let me tell you a quick story about Drew and Kayla's wedding day. It had all the makings of "the best day ever"—just like many other couples have experienced on their big day. Drew and Kayla were surrounded by their closest friends, family members, and loved ones and made memories that would last a lifetime.

The only problem is, Kayla would never get to relive those memories.

Drew Gottfried, Facebook

She has never actually seen the video of their wedding ceremony because shortly after the wedding, the tape was erased by accident—or so they thought.

A few months ago, a friend reached out to Drew to let him know that he found their wedding tape amongst a bunch of other video cassette tapes at their church. Their 14th anniversary was approaching, so Drew hatched a plan.

Photo by Ludovic Migneault on Unsplash

He reached out to a local theater and asked if they were able to playback an old-school videotape. Once it was confirmed that they could, he rented an entire theater just for him and his wife. She thought they were just going to watch one of her favorite movies, but she had no idea that Drew was about to pull off one of the greatest anniversary surprises of all time.

Check out Kayla's reaction after watching their wedding ceremony back for the very first time after thinking it was lost forever.

After seeing that video, it's no wonder Drew's TikTok fame blew up overnight as the video immediately went viral and was shared thousands upon thousands of times.

Even Drew was shocked to see it pop off so quickly.

Soon, it began making its rounds on other social platforms from a lot of major accounts.

Once enough people asked about it, Drew even shared a clip of the tape that showed him getting hitched to his bride Kayla on their special day.

What an amazing story and an even better surprise to tie it all together. So, if there's something that you think you've lost forever, just know that it still may be out there somewhere.

Facebook, Drew Gottfried

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