Mother's Day is this Sunday here in the States and it got me to thinking, "how do other countries celebrate Mother's Day".

So, I hopped on the Google and searched the interwebs far and wide to find out the coveted answer to this question...and here's what I found.

How Other People Celebrate Mother's Day Around The World:

1.  Serbia:  Mother’s Day is part of a series of holidays, including Children's Day and Father's Day, taking place on three consecutive Sundays, Mother’s Day is observed in December.

Mothers get tied up and must be set free only to give candy and gifts to their kids...what?  I thought this was supposed to be about the moms?

2.  Russia:  In the former Soviet Union, mothers were celebrated on International Women’s Day on March 8. In 1998, post-Soviet Russia moved Mother's Day to to November, but most of the gift giving still happens in March.

3.  Great Britain:  In the U.K. Mother's Day is known as Mothering Sunday, and it takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent because its origin has ties to Christianity.  One traditional Mothering Sunday food is a Simnel cake, which is a light fruitcake made with marzipan.

4.  Japan:  Mother's Day in Japan didn't become popular until after World War Two.  It's celebrated on the second Sunday in May and people typically give their mothers red or pink carnations, which symbolize sweetness and purity.

5.   France:  Mother's Day takes place on the last Sunday in May or the first Sunday in June.  And the French often celebrate with flowers and flower-shaped cakes.

6.  Sweden:  It's celebrated on the last Sunday in May, and it's similar to the U.S. version with breakfast in bed and homemade cards and stuff.  The Swedish Red Cross also collects money by selling red plastic flowers to help mothers and children in need.

7. Thailand:  Mother's Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12th, they celebrate with parades and other festivities, and jasmine is a popular gift.

8.  China:  On the second Sunday of May, an increasing number of Chinese celebrate the day with gifts and festivals.

9.  Mexico:  Mother's Day is a big deal in Mexico, and it always takes place on May 10th.  Lots of cities basically shut down as people take their moms out to eat and it's not unusual for Mother's Day brunches and lunches to last 5 hours.

10.  Ethiopia: Mothers are celebrated with a three-day feast in Ethiopia, called Antrosht. It usually goes down in October or November. Families get together, prepare a traditional meals and then sit down and enjoy it together. The mothers and daughters anoint themselves with butter, and men sing.


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