A new bill that requires background checks for not only the sale of a firearm but also the temporary transfer of a firearm, has passed in the Democrat-controlled House. However, it’s anticipated that it will not advance beyond the GOP-controlled Senate. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise says the bill turns law-abiding citizens into criminals.

“It is one more step towards federalized gun registration, and ultimately gun confiscation. That has been the intention of many of the people who are bringing this bill for a long time.”

The bill called the Bipartisan Backgrounds Check Act of 2019 if the first of two bills focused on gun regulations this week to be passed through the house. A second bill, passed today, aims at extending the time to complete a background check before a gun sale can go through. Under current law, if a check isn’t finalized in three business days, the transaction can proceed automatically. Scalise says the two bills don’t sit well with him.

“They want true gun control, and this is the first step, and certainly not the last. We need to reject these two gun control bills.”

Scalise says it’s important that the laws do not hinder access to firearms, because every day, Americans use guns to protect themselves from criminals.

“That is the heart of what the second amendment is about, and it is at the heart of what our founding fathers intended, that all Americans should have the right to use firearms to defend themselves.”

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