Hormones.  At the root of much of mans problems whether there are too many or too little, hormones can make you calm and crazy or a little of both at the same time plus, much much more.

They're all about moods these hormones - in fact if you're in a bad mood, simply hugging someone or even a pet can help release a hormone called oxytocin which is literally known as the love and cuddle hormone.  It lowers stress, try it next time you feel raggedy and ask someone for a hug.  Make it somebody you know, not just a stranger on the streets, it works better that way and there's less chance of getting arrested.

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Researchers have found that laughter is the best medicine primarily because laughing releases endorphin's directly into your brain that lift your spirits and yes, have been shown clinically to ward off illness and ease pain, so laugh and the world will laugh with you or frown and be sick alone.

What about socializing and social media to be specific?  If you're fighting your friends over politics you're gonna just feel anger, but when you see pictures of those kids and grand-kids and kittens and fun memories a hormone high produced by dopamine will give you a slightly euphoric feeling.  So keep those puppies and baby pictures coming!

Lastly, chocolate does in fact make you happy - like laughter dark chocolate will help release dopamine into your bloodstream.

So control those hormones, hug somebody, look at baby pictures, laugh and eat chocolate and finally don't worry, be happy! 


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