Virginia Beach-based humanitarian organization, Operation Blessing, is heading to Lake Charles to assist homeowners with their flood damage.

Operation Blessing will be located at Christian World Church in Lake Charles. (Click here for directions.) Lake Charles homeowners who sustained damage from the flood this week are asked to come fill out a work request form starting tomorrow and continuing daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Operation Blessing will organize volunteers from around the area and country and dispatch teams to local homes to help clean up damages.

Operation Blessing is bringing tools and equipment down with them for the volunteers to use while helping local residents. They're also sending their mobile kitchen trailer that can make thousands of hot meals a day for flood victims. Also in route is a trailer full of fans and dehumidifiers to help remove moisture from damaged homes and dry them out.

Volunteers are asked to come register tomorrow at 8:00am at their base camp located at Christian World Church, 2001 E. Gauthier Road in Lake Charles. Volunteers need to be 18 or older and don't need to register in advance. If you have any questions concerning volunteering, call 1-800-730-2537.

If you would like to donate to Operation Blessing, click here.

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