Jimmy Graham is a lethal offensive weapon for Drew Brees and the Saints. In my humble opinion you pay him the big bucks and lock him up for the rest of his career. That is not what has happened so far. Here is what is actually happening.

Jimmy Graham
getty images/ Chris Graythen

The best thing that could happen for the Saints and for Jimmy Graham is that the two sides would agree on a new contract before the July 15th deadline. The Saints have proven in the past that they will wait till the last minute before offering an acceptable contract. Let's hope that's what happens with Jimmy Graham; but it is not the only way the Saints could keep Jimmy around.

Each NFL team has one franchise tag per year. They can use that franchise tag to keep a player without a contract; but they must pay that player the NFL average salary for a player in that position. NFL tight ends make less money that wide receivers. If the Saints have to use the franchise tag on Jimmy Graham they want to pay him as a tight end. Jimmy wants to be classified as a wide receiver and thus make more money. Jimmy lost his case last week to be classified as a wide receiver even though last year he lined up more times as a wide receiver than a tight end. He has three days to appeal that ruling and at this time has not filed an appeal.

Lets just hope Jimmy and the team work out a long term deal before Tuesday.


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