As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, food banks supplies get stretched to the breaking point. Donating to an area food bank is a great 'good dead' to perform for the Christmas season and there are a few in the Lake Charles area.

According to a great site called BuzzFeed, here are the items that most food bank need and it's a great guide for your holiday donations.


1.  Holiday foods.  This would include items like:  Stove Top stuffing, cranberry sauce, and canned yams.

2.  Canned vegetables.  Consider donating the low-sodium brands.

3.  Mixed nuts.  You'll pay extra for mixed nuts, but they're a great snack and they're healthy.

4.  Pasta.

5.  Rice and beans.  Hey, we're in Louisiana. Everybody loves rice and beans and they've got a long shelf life as well.

6.  Juice boxes.  These, of course, are great for the kids. If you get the brands that are 100% fruit juice, they're much healthier than the regular "fruit drink."

7.  Canned tuna, canned chicken, and canned salmon.

8.  Cereal and oatmeal.

9.  Canned soup.  Canned soups and stews are great food bank donations

10.  Cooking oil.  Chances are, this item is one that is overlooked by a lot of people when donating to food banks.

There are quite a few food banks located in the Lake Charles area. Click Here to find one near you.

You'll always find interesting articles at BuzzFeed. Check them out

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