Whether you are pro or not on the gun control issue; you have been seeing it everywhere. Facebook, Twitter and all social media sites have been dominated with the gun control issue. president Obama is calling for tougher gun control and gun proponents have planned a day to fight back.



It seems letters to representatives has been pushed aside in favor of a national protest. Larry Ward from Political MEdia has launched a website and is calling for gun owners and proponents to gather "en masse at gun stores, ranges, and shows from coast to coast" on January 19th. you are urged to bring your American flags and your "hands off my gun" sign. A recent gun show in Lake Charles showed big interest in guns right now. Several vendor were sold out of particular models; ammunition and guns were going for premium prices. Traffic at the show was very brisk. This polarizing issue is sure to dominate the political scene in the next few weeks. To find out more about "Gun Appreciation Day" click here.

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