No matter where you go in this country, you're sure to find unusual foods and drinks. Now, here in Louisiana we really have some unusual food besides gumbo, boudin or crawfish, but those are the big ones.

It's kind of interesting just how many regional favorite foods there are around the country. Of course, a lot of what goes into making a regional favorite has everything to do with what you have growing up around you.

Here are a few examples from an article by Thrillist regarding the grossest foods by state:

Texas - Texans seem to like fried butter. It's exactly what the name says. Frozen butter which is frozen and then battered and deep friend. Fried Butter was one of the big hits of the Texas State Fair in Dallas

Mississippi - Koolickle - What exactly is a Koolickle? It's a pickle that has been soaked in Kool Aid. The article doesn't say which flavor so I guess it's up to the individual. Even the people who wrote the review of all the dishes said:

The brine and sugar and artificial flavors blend together in every bite to deliver one of the more bizarre taste combos you might ever stumble across.

New Jersey - Pork Roll - It's basically a very salty piece of processed meat

The first time you bite into a pork roll, egg, and cheese (PRE&C, SPK), it feels the Boss himself just struck a power chord on your freakin' taste buds.

Tennessee - The Elvis - If you're any kind of Elvis fan, you know that this is a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. When I was a kid, I had an aunt who would make these for my cousin and myself. Frankly, I think they're very tasty.

And just what food did they choose to represent Louisiana? The answer is: Nutria!

Now, I've lived in Louisiana for about 20 years and I don't know a soul that eats nutria. I checked around the station and couldn't find anyone who has even tasted it. Exactly what is nutria?

"large, semi-aquatic river rat" boiled in a Crock-Pot for four hours. Don't worry, it has a demi-glace! For real, the nutria is a bayou classic… despite the off-putting nature of eating what is most definitely a giant rodent.

Of course, the title of the article was the "grossest" foods by state, not the most popular. I'd say nutria was pretty gross. Now that I think about it, Louisiana doesn't have a lot of gross foods. I submit as evidence the fact that I can't seem to lose all the weight I've gained since moving here. Just the thought of it is making me hungry.

Let's face it; when it comes to regional foods, Louisiana has to win the award.



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