A gesture meant to spread holiday cheer ended up spreading fear and panic in Ville Platte, Louisiana over the weekend.

Santa Claus

Even Santa had to pull out the laptop and watch this one.

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We've all seen in person or videos of a Grinch flying on a paraglider.  It happens every year here in the SWLA. However in Ville Platte over the weekend it went terribly wrong.  The paraglider lost power in mid-flight and crashed into power lines over a highway.  Probably the worst place ever to crash land, other than a moat full of hungry alligators.

Thankfully no injuries were reported from the scary crash.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The man flying the paraglider told ABC News:

I hung upside down in the power line for probably one hour before they killed the power. Then the fire department got me down.

Here's what a successful Grinch paragliding flight looks like:

Video of flying Grinch crashing in Ville Platte, Louisiana:

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