As they say, when you visit Louisiana be sure and try the crabs.

Four Louisiana cities rank in the Top 100 U.S. Cities with the highest cases of STDs.  Before we get to that, I would like to mention that Tuscaloosa, Alabama was #93 on the list...figures.

So what are the four Louisiana cities and where do they rank?

  • #9 Shreveport
  • #24 New Orleans
  • #31 Baton Rouge
  • #90 Lafayette

The Top 10 Cities with the highest STD cases are:

  1. Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Jackson, Mississippi
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. San Francisco, California
  5. Montgomery, Alabama
  6. Augusta, Georgia
  7. Milwaukee, Minnesota
  8. Killeen, Texas
  9. Shreveport, Louisiana
  10. Indianapolis, Indiana

The study noted that the three smallest cities on that list Augusta, Killeen, and Shreveport all have one thing in common. They're home to a large military base.

For an interactive map of all the cites and to see the rest of the Top 100, click here.

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