Louisiana is known around the globe for its unique Creole heritage, food, festivals, and of course, music. The birthplace of Jazz, Zydeco, and Cajun music, there's no question that the Boot State is rich in culture and tradition. So, it stands to reason Louisiana is home to many of the world's brightest stars.

From music, sports, and film, to poetry, chess, science, and art, and giving birth to the first African-American millionaire in history, Madame C.J. Walker, Louisiana has gifted the world with its brightest people and donated greatness to the history books. Most people know stars like Terry Bradshaw, Ellen DeGeneres, Master P, and legends like Louis Armstrong or Fats Domino hail from the Mardi Gras state. However, below are a few celebs many have no idea were born in Louisiana.

Famous People Born in Louisiana

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