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Family & Youth, established in 1970, provides affordable and professional family services to people in Southwest Louisiana. It is the belief of Family & Youth that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is available. It is the mission of Family & Youth to provide affordable and professional support through programs and services dedicated to advocacy, counseling and education for the people of Southwest Louisiana.

Autism Support Alliance
Autism Support Alliance promotes access and opportunities for persons with autism and their families to be fully included as participating members of their communities. As such, the Alliance supports the family’s plan and empowers the family in negotiating the systems of health care, social service and education resources.

Children’s Advocacy Center
The Children’s Advocacy Center is an child-friendly facility designed to coordinate services for children who have been reported as sexually or severely physically abused. Designed and managed to reduce the effects of trauma, the Center’s comfortable environment and well-trained staff work together with area prosecutors, law enforcement agents, social service workers, therapists, victims advocates and medical professionals to investigate child abuse allegations and reduce the number of investigate interviews typically experienced by victims.

Children & Families Action Network
Children & Families Action Network (CFAN) exists to promote mission-based advocacy for the purpose of increasing civic engagement and participation to effect changes in public policy on behalf of children, families and communities. Participation in CFAN can result in increased engagement by nonprofit leaders and volunteers in mission-based advocacy and values-driven public policy goals; strengthened capacity to develop local funding strategies to support mission-based advocacy; and implementation of peer-based support of values driven advocacy through shared advocacy work and organizing clients to implement grass-roots advocacy.

The Counseling Center
The Counseling Center’s licensed and professionally credentialed clinicians and para-professionals provide a wide range of constructive and life-changing services in the form of counseling, consultation, and education to benefit individuals, couples, and families in Southwest Louisiana. Based on the belief that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is available, counselors and case managers utilize a strength-based, client directed and outcome-informed approach. The overriding goal is to support and encourage the development of greater well-being among the citizens of Southwest Louisiana.

Court Appointed Special Advocates
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are volunteers who speak in court for a child’s best interest. Judges appoint a CASA volunteer to an abused or neglected child who has been removed form his or her home. The CASA volunteer helps to ensure that the child receives appropriate care, whether from a foster home or relative’s home while he or she is in the court system. Volunteers are trained and supported by the CASA staff at Family & Youth.

Human Services Response Institute
Human Services Response Institute (HSRI) was originated to address the consequences of any major crisis faced by a community. HSRI personnel provide professional disaster-related services, including intensive case management to develop long-range places for evacuees; family budgeting and financial management; mental health counseling; job development; and housing and relocation assistance. In addition, HSRI personnel promote collaboration and partnerships on behalf of people affected by emergencies and disasters, and work with government officials in procurement of financial and non-financial resources to strengthen current infrastructure.

The Leadership Center for Youth
The Leadership Center for Youth (TLC) provides guidance, leadership development, career exploration and civic engagement opportunities to facilitate the youth’s success and involvement in the community. Committed to shaping today’s youth into strong leaders for tomorrow, The Leadership Center provides opportunities for positive youth development. It is focused on providing youth with opportunities for: Leadership Development, Service Learning , Career Exploration, and Advocacy .

Performance Employee Assistance and Business Services
Performance Employee Assistance and Business Services provides high-quality, affordable human support services to leading businesses in Southwest Louisiana. Multiple and single behavioral risk factors are identified and addressed by employee assistance counselors who consider the impact of personal problems in the workplace. Through counseling, consultation and well-designed training, Performance professionals take care of the heart and soul of area business so that businesses can pay attention to their bottom line.

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