There is no doubt that the string of DUI checkpoints has removed impaired drivers from our roadways. It has also brought back the "corner" bar. I'll explain.


It is happening in towns all across America. Police agencies are working harder than ever to make our roads safe. This is resulting in less impaired drivers on the road and also has resulted in people flocking to neighborhood bars where the commute is much shorter. The safe thing to do is designate a driver (no matter how short the commute.) I have often heard that most accidents happen close to home. It's not worth taking the chance.

Louisiana State Police Troop D and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office will conduct a DWI checkpoint somewhere in Calcasieu Parish this Friday evening/ Saturday morning. Don't be a danger to yourself or others, and don't spend a night in the Highway 90 hotel.

To report an impaired driver call *LSP (*577.)