DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
Last week we heard the sad story of a Westlake man getting his fourth DWI. This enforces the point that we still need DWI checkpoints.  These checkpoints are designed to make us safer by removing impaired drivers from our roads.
DUI Checkpoint This Weekend
There is no doubt that the string of DUI checkpoints has removed impaired drivers from our roadways. It has also brought back the "corner" bar. I'll explain.
Weekend DWI Checkpoint Results
While we were all celebrating the beginning of a long weekend. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office deputies were trying to keep our roads safe with a DWI and Seatbelt checkpoint on the 1300 block of Country Club Road. Impaired drivers were removed from our roads and others were deterred from such…
Drug Buy Back This Saturday
I bet if you check your medicine cabinet you will find expired prescription drugs. Any drug that has passed it's expiration date should never be taken and should be disposed of properly. There are also other dangers associated with keeping old medicines. That's what this program is all abo…

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