Well, once again, we've ranked high in a poll where we don't really want to. According to a new study by background checks.org our state is ranked 13th worst in the nation for DUIs. It was just a few months ago that a report was released naming Louisiana and Texas the worst drivers in America, and now I guess we find out why we're among the worst drivers in America. We were blasted all the time.

According to Commander James McGee with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, there were over 5,300 DUI arrests in this state back in 2015, but McGee says there is good news connected with the story. McGee said:

"If we rank that high in the country as far as arrests, it means that we're making a dent. We have a lot of effort in law enforcement, but also it's alarming that if we're making that many arrests, then you have that many impaired drivers on the road. You also have to look at alcohol-related fatalities."

Another bright spot in the report is that, while DUIs were high, statewide, fatalities were down by a full 8%. McGee says there is hopeful news in that fact.

"I think it is a testament to everybody. I think it's a testament to all the programs - the education, the enforcement, and especially in this area. We had a lot more cars on the road too."




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