The rights of Americans to arm themselves for the protection of life and property was such an important concept to our founding fathers that they made sure the rights were protected in the Constitution. Now proposed legislation that would protect individuals from themselves or what they might do if they had a weapon is gaining momentum.

The proposal that is gaining bipartisan support throughout the Louisiana Legislature is basically a voluntary Do-Not-Sell list. Individuals could place their names on a list that would voluntarily take away their rights to purchase a weapon.

The thinking behind the measure is that individuals who suffer mental issues, depression, bipolar disorders, or any other malady that might cause them to turn a weapon on themselves or others can self-prevent their ability to obtain a weapon.

According to a story on, this is how the legislation would work.

People could choose, for any reason, to put their names on a do-not-sell list. Once they present photo identification proving their identity, their names would be entered into the National Instant Criminal Background System, which is used to identify people prohibited from buying guns from licensed dealers.

Those on the list voluntarily could remove their names at any moment, but there would be a waiting period of anywhere between 7 to 21 days before they could once again purchase a gun.

Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea and a great opportunity for individuals and families to have a discussion about firearms and mental stability. Quite often permanent decisions are made about taking a life in a moment of mental confusion. This legislation could prevent so many tragedies while still maintaining each citizens Second Amendment rights.

The state of Washington implemented such legislation at the beginning of this year. Legislators in three other states are currently considering similar legislation for their constituency in Alabama, Massachusetts, and Oregon. In Louisiana, the legislation is being sponsored as Donna's Law. The name comes from a New Orleans area woman who used a weapon to take her own life.

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