Dick Clark has put his man cave on the market. No, seriously, it’s a cave.

The world’s oldest teenager and his wife Kari have listed their one-bedroom, Malibu, Calif. home where you can live like Fred and Wilma Flintstone. The home literally looks prehistoric and like it belongs on the set of ‘The Flintstones.’ Yabba dabba dooooooooo you have about $3.5 million for this place?

The MLS listing of the home describes it as a “Malibu celebrity romantic retreat.” That whole 1BR thing gave it away. Most single bedroom dwellings are not easily sellable and are less desirable, but when it looks like something out of the town of Bedrock with Fred and Wilma resided with Pebbles, a buyer can overlook that whole lack of bedrooms thing. If you want to get away to get some, and have some sort of “Me Tarzan, You Jane” or cartoon fetish, you can indulge it here.

The abode is considered one of Malibu’s “landmark properties” and it offers 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, Boney Mountains, Serrano Valley, sunsets and city lights. It’s situated atop a mountain on nearly 23 acres. It’s also described as an “imaginative architectural creation,” which is fancy speak for the fact that the designer was likely a fan of ‘The Flintstones.’

You can take a virtual tour of the place in the gallery below or just stick your feet out of the bottom of your car and drive on over for a closer look.

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