Sales Tax Increase
The Louisiana State Senate had a busy Sunday approving two measures that they say will generate revenue for the 2016 budget.
Keystone Pass?
It seems that bills will possibly be voted on soon in the senate and house to try and finally get the Keystone Pipeline bill; passed. Do you think it will happen?
Who You Want to Vote Out — Lake Poll Results
If you are like a lot of us you wonder if anything was accomplished by the government shutting down. Did they not just put off the same fight until later? We wondered if you were happy with that and here is how you voted in our poll.
Lake Listeners Assign Blame for Shutdown
The question should be "Who is going to fix this?" That one would be much harder to answer (unless you have a Chrystal ball or are a time traveler.) So we ask who you thought was to blame for the government shut down. Your answer may be a little surprising.

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