So, they're making a movie about Madonna's life. Oh, joy. Don't they usually wait until people are dead to do such things? Well, anyway, nobody ever said that Madonna does things by the book. then again, her entire career seems to be pre-planned and carefully orchestrated to keep herself in the spotlight as much as possible.

Now, there 's no doubt that she sees herself as some kind of leader and icon. She may be a pop icon, but I truly think she believes her own phony baloney publicity and, lately,seems to see herself as some kind of spokeswoman for the women's movement.

Now, wait a minute. Didn't she base her entire image on her sexuality? That doesn't strike me as much of a role model for young women. Still, her legion of fans await her next syllable with baited breath. The problem is that Madonna lies and we have proof.

As I mentioned, they are making a movie about Madonna and, according to the New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter, :

 Universal has bought the script, and the film’s producers include Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment, and Michael De Luca, who produced the 2017 Oscars; “Moneyball” (2011); and the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie franchise, appropriate enough considering Madonna’s sadomasochistic forays in her 1992 coffee table book, “Sex.”

Well, Madonna must have gotten look at the script because she tore into them when she read part of the script that claims she went on American Bandstand and claimed to be a high school drop-out from Detroit. Well, Madonna denies this ever happened and she went on an on about what big liars the folks behind the movie and, further more, you can't believe anything these "lying liars" say.

Ladies and gentlemen! Here is Madonna on American Bandstand. You be the judge.

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