Did you lose something? Something that looks an awful lot like a jar of marijuana? If you did, I think I know who may have found it.

The DeRidder Police Department made this post on their Facebook page yesterday in hopes of making a lost and found connection. It seems someone managed to "lose" this jar of what police are calling "a suspicious herb" on High School Drive in DeRidder.

The jar of vegetation was discovered by a local citizen who turned it into the police department. The department is really hoping that someone will come and claim this very valuable item.

They do suggest that when you do come to pick up your found item you bring some extra clothing for what could be an extended stay at one of the DeRidder Police Departments luxury condos. Just kidding, they'll take you to jail where you could stay for six  months or maybe longer. At least your meals are provided for.

Personally, I hope someone comes in and claims this jar of weed. I would like to know the identity of a person who is so dumb they lose not a little but a whole jar full of marijuana and then is dumb enough to ask the police to give it back to them.



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