It's called H7N9. It's the latest version of the bird flu and it has already killed 31 people. Is it a danger to us here in the US? How is it spread? What are the symptoms? What's being done to contain it?


bird flu

A World Health Organixation expert testified that this strain spreads more easily than the last deadly bird flu. So far all cases are coming from human contact with infected chickens. The disease (thus far) has not spread from person to person. The flu  originated in China. MSN News says thousands of ducks and chickens in the region or origin have already been killed and China has shut down live poultry markets in the affected region.

According to the article

  • Taiwan will test travelers who show flu symptoms. Vietnam is screening temperatures of all visitors. Starting in May, Japan will make "thermographic inspections" of all travelers from China.
  • Poultry imports from China are banned in Vietnam and the Philippines. Other countries are considering restrictions.

The symptoms from this new bird flu strain include fever, breathing problems and pneumonia. A vaccine is already being prepared by the Center for Disease Control. At this point, you can avoid this flue by staying away from birds in China.


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